Reader List: Everything About Books

Here’s another list of curated books for the book lovers who love to read about books! This is a request I see often enough, that I thought I’d create a reading list for book-themed books. Some of the books recommended are found in the general market, but are clean reads. You can always check the blog to see if I’ve reviewed some of the recommendations below (and I have read many of them!).

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So without further delay, here’s the list!

Books About Books and the People Who Work with Them
  • Austin, Lynn – Wonderland Creek
  • Bartels, Erin – The Words Between Us
  • Basham, Pepper – Hope Between the Pages; Authentically, Izzy;  Jane by the Book
  • Byrd, Megan – Take a Chance on Me
  • Callahan, Patti – The Bookshop at Water’s End; Once Upon a Wardrobe; Becoming Mrs. Lewis
  • Cambron, Kristy – The British Booksellers
  • Chiavaroli , Heidi – The Orchard House
  • Cornthwaite, Barbara – Brought to Book
  • Crow, Donna Fletcher – A Jane Austen Encounter
  • Davis, Barbara – The Echo of Old Books
  • Deese, Nicole – The Words We Lost
  • Dietze , Suzanne – Seeking Sanctuary
  • Ericson, Tara Grace – Lavender & Lace
  • Escobar, Mario – The Librarian of Saint-Malo
  • Ferguson, Melissa – Meet Me in the Margins
  • Fisher, Suzanne Woods – The Secret to Happiness
  • Gabhart, Ann – Along a Storied Trail
  • Gardner, April & Massaro, Michelle – Better Than Fiction
  • Gray, Shelley Sheppard – The Berlin Bookmobile series
  • Green, Amy Lynn – The Blackout Book Club
  • Harrell, Lindsay – The Secrets of Paper and Ink
  • Hauck, Rachel – The Fifth Avenue Story Society; The Writing Desk
  • Havig, Chautona – Bookstrings series
  • Higley, Tracy – Nightfall in the Garden of Deep Time
  • Hunter, Denise – Bookshop by the Sea; A Novel Proposal; Love, Unscripted
  • Kingsbury, Karen – The Bridge; The Beginning
  • Klassen, Julie – Shadows of Swanford Abbey; A Winter by the Sea; The Ladies of Ivy Cottage
  • MacLean, S.G. – The Book Seller of Inverness
  • Martin, Madeline – The Last Bookshop in London
  • Mozer, Nancy – Just Jane
  • Olson, Michel – Being Wendy (In a world afraid to grow up)
  • Prysock, Lisa – A Summer at Sagamore
  • Reay, Katherine – The Printed Letter Bookshop
  • Rushmeyer, Molly – The Bookshop of Secrets; The Lost Manuscript
  • Sawyer, Kim Vogel – The Librarian of Boone’s Hollow;  Return to Boone’s Hollow
  • Strong, Angela Ruth – Hero Debut
  • Sundin, Sarah – Until Leaves Fall in Paris
  • Tagg, Melissa – Three Little Words
  • Thomas, Laura – Snow Globe Secrets
  • Thompson, Cindy – Annie’s Stories
  • Turner, Bethany – Plot Twist
  • Turano, Jen – To Write a Wrong
  • Walsh, Courtney – Paper Hearts
  • Warren, Susan May – Happily Ever After
  • White, Roseanna M. – A Name Unknown
  • The Librarians of Willow Hollow by various
  • The Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop series published by Guideposts
  • Secrets of the Blue Hill Library series published by Guideposts

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