Book Review: Never Fall Again (Gossamer Falls 1)

Book By: Lynn H. Blackburn

This is a nice change of pace for a romantic suspense story.

Readers are introduced to Landry Hutton, a much sought-after artist, and Callum Shaw, local contractor. The story revolves quite a bit around the budding friendship of Landry and Cal, including the extended family members of Cal’s. An incident early on in the story hints at more suspenseful situations to come, but there’s some time between events.

A huge cast of characters are introduced, sometimes confusing, but by mid-story it’s easy to figure out. And there’s a handy family tree at the start of the novel. These characters have all kinds of personality and are an intricate part of Landry and Cal’s story. There’s also an adorable therapy dog and Landry’s five-year-old daughter that add a splash of colour to the page.

It’s an easy narrative, a great pace to Landry and Cal’s story. Both come from a background of pain and so it’s nice to watch their relationship play out, healing along the way.

I expected more action, more intense suspense, but in the end, I enjoyed this slower paced suspense story. Wasn’t too crazy about the villain (or who turned out to be the villain in the end) and his final scene in the novel.

I received a copy of the novel from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

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