Book Review: The Elusive Truth of Lily Temple

BOOK BY: Joanna Davidson Politano

Lily Temple is a master storyteller. And as such, readers are never sure what in fact is the truth from what is a cleverly woven story with yards of fiction. Joanna Davidson Politano creates a whimsical narrative through Lily’s story. The prose is elegant and different from what readers are used to, as Lily immerses herself in a world of fairy tales.

Solicitor and inspector agent, Peter Driscoll is out to discover Lily’s connection to a famous sapphire that went missing years ago. As Peter pursues his case, Lily continues to spin stories though Peter – somehow – is able to deduce fact from fiction. When readers are finally exposed to fact, a surprising connection is revealed – in true Politano form.

I admit that Lily’s character is difficult to like. She resists telling the truth for what it is. Instead, choosing to tell stories to make her point. Even when we discover why she is the way she is, it was still difficult to want to see a positive outcome for her. I never did connect with her – even when she did the noble thing at the very end of the story.

However, Peter Driscoll is the kind of hero that makes historical romance so engaging to read. He’s noble, honest, a hard-worker, kind, and everything good. He’s had a rough go of life and the friends he chooses are loyal to a fault, testifying to Peter’s solid character. Yet, he’s enchanted by Lily’s stories…

Beautiful prose, detailed setting, and delightful twists make this story a literary treat.

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own

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