The Winged Tiara: Book Review

BOOK BY: J’Nell Cieseilski

The Winged Tiara takes readers on a game of thievery across post-world war one Europe.

Main characters Esme and Jasper meet following the end of the war in France, where champagne flows freely and people are caught up in the exuberance of celebration. A night of romance, leads to regrets and a chase that won’t end until four years later.

The narrative is so well done, I couldn’t put the story down. Both Esme’s and Jasper’s stories are compelling.  Their reasons for chasing after the missing winged tiara put readers in a fix because both of them need to find that tiara (which makes for some great conflict in the reader!!!).

The cast of characters are mostly unlikeable, which puts professional thieves Esme and Jasper in a better light. Readers can’t help but to root for them to succeed in the end.

Readers who enjoy action and puzzles will enjoy this read.

The Winged Tiara reads more as a general market clean read, without a faith thread, but with plenty of sizzle between married people (no open door scenes). The tension between Esme and Jasper is intense, both resisting the other for almost the entire book. There’s mention of drinking, drunkenness, smoking, carousing, physical abuse, and extra-marital affairs resulting in babies (and use of the period’s colorful language to describe them).

I received an ecopy of the book from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.

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