The Song of Sourwood Mountain: Book Review

BOOK BY: Ann H. Gabhart

The Song of Sourwood Mountain takes readers to the mountains of eastern Kentucky. Where life in the holler and the challenges of living in the woods are not for the faint of heart.

Schoolteacher Mira Dean is content to accept her life as a spinster at the age of 25, teaching at the local city school. Preacher Gordon Covington knows what having a school will do for the people of Sourwood. If only they had one. Proposing a marriage of convenience – with the caveat of having her own school – Gordon and Mira set off for an adventure she never dreamed of having.

There’s a huge cast of characters that bring Sourwood to life. Each one is connected to the other, though sometimes nobody knows how. Including Mira and Gordon. But the connections that are eventually revealed will surprise some readers. Joseph and Ada June are adorable children that allow Mira’s character to shine in the community.

Descriptions of the landscape help readers navigate the setting of thick woods and hilly landscapes. One can almost imagine the characters walking through the pages.

There is a strong faith thread throughout the entire novel and it’s refreshing to see characters struggling with their own wants knowing what God expects of them.

Even though it’s a marriage of convenience story, much of the focus is on Mira and her relationship with the women of Sourwood. Not a whole lot of romance happens after the rushed wedding.

For readers who enjoy a deeper kind of story without a lot of romance, The Song of Sourwood Mountain is an excellent choice.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

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