The Irish Matchmaker: Book Review

Book By: Jennifer Diebel

irish matchmaker cover brodeurwrites

Author Jennifer Diebel creates an authentic Irish feel for readers through vivid local language and setting description. It’s easy to picture the matchmaking festival in her village and the surrounding areas as characters meander here and there.

The story follows local matchmaker Catriona Daly as she faces yet another festival as a single woman responsible for helping people find their true love. Catriona seems a wise character at the beginning but then becomes singly focused on her personal goal. There are moments, however, where her kindness shines and so she’s not an entirely selfish character.  

Donal is a likeable hero and one can’t help but feel his pain as he tries to navigate the matchmaking process – all for the love of his nine-year-old daughter. Sarah is an adorable child and adds much to the storyline.

There are plenty of humorous situations and equally awkward ones. The story has an ebb and flow, giving readers plenty of narrative. As well, readers will learn a lot of gaelic as the author’s signature style peppers the pages with vocabulary.

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.

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